Alpha Omega

International Dental Fraternity

Chi Chapter

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2014-2015 Chapter Officers

Co-Presidents:ᅠAlexandra Dodds and Alissa Pullos

Co-Vice Presidents:ᅠAssal Aslani and Christopher Powell


Treasurer:ᅠChristine Kim

Secretary:ᅠAnna Buuck

Philanthropy Chair:ᅠGlendale Lim

Social Chair:ᅠAnqi Hu

Clinical Development Co-Chairs:ᅠMoo Kim and Andrew Malsbary

Public Relations Chair:ᅠDavid Li

Fundraising Chair:ᅠNoam Greenbaum

D2 Class Representative:ᅠChase Ellis

Graduate Student Representatives:ᅠDrs.ᅠJeff Li and Lindsey Steele

D2 Transition Committee Chair:ᅠChristopher Powell

D1 Transition Committee:ᅠᅠNoam Greenbaum, Yoonji Jang and Doohak Kim

CDC Student Leaders:ᅠZahraa Allohaibi, Anna Buuck,ᅠJohn Le, William Qu and Tarek Metwally


Rebecca’s International Legacy?

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Random AO Gang Signs

     As elections near, I want to thank everyone for their support and commitment to Alpha Omega. I am proud to have served as the president of Chi chapter and know that I will leave this group in good hands when I graduate.

     I never thought that the mark I would leave on this organization would have started on one night last year hanging out with other members on Rush Street. While posing for a picture, we thought it would be a cute idea to spell out “AO” with our hands. I just did the first thing that came to mind and sooner or later it became known as the AO Gang Sign!

     Over the summer while boating at Dr. Schaumberg's beach party I shared this fun idea with the Detroit Alumni Chapter and they quickly picked it up. It was used at an Alpha Nu rush event and during the Leadership Conference in Chicago where we shared it with members from other chapters from around the US. Soon other students, faculty and alumni were getting into it, posing for pictures, having a great time, and REPRESENTIN’.

     I was unable to go to the Alpha Omega International Convention in Arizona. While looking through pictures on Facebook, I saw people throwing up the AO gang sign! Turns out Dr. Jamie Feldman, one of our active Detroit Alumni shared it with everyone down there! I never thought that this simple idea could bring so much fun and bonding at an international level.

     Rebecca’s international legacy? Why not!? Thanks to everyone for making it possible!


Rebecca Kam
Chi President ’12-‘13